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Curd FAQs

What Are Cheese Curds?

Cheese curds are small bite-sized nuggets of cheese (usually cheddar) that are made when freshly pasteurized milk is cooked with certain additives, causing the whey to separate from the solids during the cheddaring process. They are considered one of the most delicious snacks because of its mild flavor and unique soft, squeaky texture. Many dairy plants, especially in Wisconsin, make cheese curds because they are simple to produce and customers are always asking for them. It has become a family tradition to eat fresh cheese curds straight from the bag or in the form of deep-fried or beer-battered treats at outdoor festivals and events. Raw cheese curds usually taste the best when they are fresh and served at room temperature. People often put them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to bring out the flavor and squeakiness.

Why Do Cheese Curds Squeak?

Often called ‘Squeaky Cheese,’ cheese curds will tend to squeak when you bite into them as the calcium and protein in the cheese comes into contact with your tooth enamel (sounds scientific, huh?). The optimal time to eat cheese curds are when they are fresh and squeaky. As they age (after a week or two), the proteins begin to soften, making them less squeaky. Cheese curds can be frozen, but once they are thawed they tend be more brittle and lose its squeaky texture over a shorter period of time.

Are Cheese Curds Healthy?

With dairy products being one of the recommended dietary food groups, you better believe cheese curds are good for you. They are a Keto-friendly, gluten free, non-processed food product that contains calcium, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, protein, and Vitamins A & B12. Cheese curds can also act as a probiotic, meaning they contain good bacteria that helps the digestive system, thus promoting good gut health and helps with those trying to lose weight. However, like all things in life, moderation is key. And obviously, any foods served deep-fried style are not typically considered healthy.

Is There A Difference Between White Cheese Curds And Yellow Or Orange Cheese Curds?

Surprisingly, there is not. Cheese curds are naturally white in color, but some manufacturers choose to mix annatto coloring to their curds to change its appearance to resemble other traditional cheese verities.

Can Cheese Curds Be Shipped During The Summer Months?

Cheese curds can be shipped any time of the year, but when the weather is warm it is recommend that they be shipped in an insulated cooler with ice packs to regulate the temperature within the package. We at Real Wisconsin Products LLC typically do not ship cheese curds on Thursdays or Fridays (unless otherwise requested) to avoid weekend shipping delays. Our goal is to provide you with the freshest cheese curds possible upon delivery.

Why Is Wisconsin Known For Having The Best Cheese CurDs?

Whether it’s one of the many prestigious cheese tasting contests in the U.S. or other world-wide cheese making competitions, the winning Cheese Curd entries are usually from Wisconsin. In fact, the World Championship Cheese Contest has recently established a new “Flavored Cheese Curd” category because of the increasing popularity of those products.

Is There Such A Thing As National Cheese CurD Day?

YES! Circle your calendar for October 15th. The Wisconsin-based Culver’s restaurant chain first proposed the idea of having a National Cheese Curd Day because of the popularity of deep-fried cheese curds on their menu. It has since been used by many other companies for promotional purposes to sell cheese curds at their stores, restaurants or food stands. We like to think of it as a another great reason to order more cheese curds online!

What Do Nursery Rhymes And The Dairy Industry Have In Common?

Most people may recall: hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon. But why did she jump over the moon? It’s because she heard that Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey.

Who Are The Folks At Real Wisconsin Products LLC?

We are a family-owned business with two main objectives: to support a sustainable agricultural industry in Wisconsin along with the hard-working farmers that make it possible; and to share the state’s very best products with everyone across the nation so they can enjoy them, too. is our first venture in the online delivery service industry, and we hope to expand into many other areas very soon.